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5 Reasons to NOT Use a Realtor to Sell Your House

You’re planning on selling your home and want to make as much money possible.  You’ve done research, read articles and decided to sell your house on your own.  You don’t need an agent, right?

Keep these following 5 ideas in mind…  

You Will Forego Professional Marketing Services

If you want professional marketing, then you have to use a real estate agent.  The Realtor provides backing from a full marketing team.  This includes exposure on the MLS, professional photography, and local targeted marketing.

Your first impression with a potential buyer is your pictures.  By not utilizing the professional services of a Realtor, your home pictures may not send the message you hope.  Realtor’s know the local market better than anyone.  They will advertise to the audience that will get the best results.

You Will Lose the Professional Relationships of a Realtor

Realtor’s are relationship builders.  It is their job to build a network of industry professionals to help make the buying and selling process as smooth as possible.  These industry experts provide a wealth of knowledge as to the best time to buy and sell, in addition to other insider tips.  A Realtor has established relationships with loan officers, inspectors and appraisers.  Also, when it comes to negotiating an offer, no one is better than a Realtor.

Selling Your Home is Emotional

The selling and buying of a new home is an emotional process.  For most of us, it will be the largest transaction of our lives.  It’s important to have a neutral third party to help navigate this time.

A Realtor Helps:

Take emotion out of the deal

Remains business professional

Professionally negotiates

Sees offers as business transactions to make you the most money

Professional Experience

As a professional, a Realtor is well versed in the transaction of buying and selling homes.  They are able to offer expert advice because in most cases, they have experienced it before.  If something out of their realm of expertise occurs, a Realtor has a team of experts they can rely on for help and advice.

A Realtor Provides:

Professional Experience

Expertise in managing multiple offers

Title work

Closing documents

You Want to Short Yourself Money

A Realtor Ensures:

More money in your pocket

List home at proper market value

Maximum exposure

Everyone thinks they are a Realtor; but the truth behind the business is there are a lot of hurdles to get you to the closing table.  As a professional in selling homes, it is our job to execute the deal seamlessly. Listing your home with a Realtor adds value and a professional touch to your listing and gets you more money in your pocket – even with paying the commission!

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