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3 Tips To Be In 15% Who Succeed In Real Estate

The Real Estate business is a highly competitive one. Majority of agents; 85% to be exact, fail after their first two years in the industry. As a younger agent, I made it my goal to not fall into that category. The following are my three best tips for being successful in this business. The good news is it all comes down to you. Agents who are focused, dedicated and passionate will always be successful.


Ask Questions

When just starting out, take in as much knowledge as you can. Always be one step ahead of your buyer or seller and have answers for them before they even ask. Find an experienced Realtor at your brokerage to shadow. Make time with your manager or broker to ask the “dumb questions” to become as knowledgeable as you can. Never stop learning. This business is constantly changing and no two deals are ever the same. Continue to ask questions, learn and grow. Take in as much as you can and organize what you learn in either a journal or electronic file.



This is a big deal. People are often selling their family’s home that has cherished memories. Remember that this is an emotional process for them.   Of course it is business transaction, but also a sale that involves selling a piece of their story. Take extra time to listen to your client. Going this extra mile will help your clients feel more comfortable trusting you through the buying and selling process.



As Realtors, we build our brand around ourselves. Have a reputation for returning calls quickly, being prepared and being honest. Be known as the agent who if you don’t have the answers, will get the answers. If you want to have a career as a Realtor, act like it. Take yourself and your business seriously. Work hard and other people will do the same.


Build your brand around being compassionate and professional. Have a reputation for being an agent who loves helping people find their dream homes. Always take in as much knowledge as possible and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Start with these tips and you will be off to a great start.



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